CLACE provides popular workshops in its Diversity and Inclusion series.

Our workshops help organizations understand what diversity and inclusion are and why they are critical to mission accomplishment. Participants will learn all angles of that diversity and inclusion and will discuss some of the gaps in our society. Participants will be introduced to concepts that will allow them to explore their own unconscious biases and how behaviors are manifested from these preferences. They will develop a working definition of diversity and how it applies to them individually and to their organizations. Our workshops  delve into the language of diversity and how to be more inclusive with communication and behaviors. 

Culturally Responsive Teaching Training

Our session also explores the use of language that makes people feel included, or unintentionally shut people out. Our workshops are interactive and hands-on. Participants learn to become more inclusive through the language they use and develop an increased level of sensitivity and awareness for language and its impact on organizational environment. Additionally, participants define inclusive and non-inclusive language so they can make the case for why it matters, learn the current terminology used to refer to demographic groups in society, and learn how language is evolving. Finally, participants examine and discuss scenarios that help develop judgment around the appropriate language used to improve workplace environment.

Our workshops:

• Latinos in STEM 
• Creating a Culture of Inclusion
• Integrating multicultural components in STEM programs
• Communicating Across the Generation Gap
• Diversity Councils That Work – The question is no longer why, but how 
• Inclusive Mentoring and Coaching
• Executive Diversity Roundtable
• Diversity Live! Interactive Theater (In collaboration in Infinity Arts Consultants, CU Boulder)
• Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Planning and Implementation

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