Portfolio of Translation work

Marina La Grave is a culture and language specialist and certified Translator and Interpreter with over 20 years of experience. An Education, Science and Technology translator expert, she has been responsible for translating many STEM resources. She has  done great work for UNESCO, UN, NCAR, UCAR, INSTAAR, LASP, NASA, NOAA, NIH and has translated books for several authors. She has translated over 5 websites and is also  responsible for the translation over 100 NASA resources for NASA under CLACE’s NTD work. These NASA resources (over 120) are currently under review and soon to be shared on our website, please see below Key Activity Posting on our Translation work for NTD: http://www.clace.us/nasa-resources.

Please “click” over below links to see another few samples of Marina’s work:

  •  NCAR/NASA Windows to the Universe Website (translation of over 10 thousand pages into Spanish and in three different levels): www.windows2universe.org

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