Elementary School Student

“CLACE is a wonderful way for us children to learn of science education and at the same moment a great for having fun, making new friends and discoveries!!!!! Also we are always happy when we come to learn!”

Manhattan Middle School Student

“What I know about climate change is that it has to do with the earth’s atmosphere. How it affects it. What I want to know is that if climate change affects the atmosphere for better or worse or both?”

Justice High School Student

“This program is really perfect for me because I’ve always wanted to make videos. I really enjoy coming up with stories by every time I sit down to write them down I get writer’s block and I’ve always said if I could just make a video this would be so much easier!”

Fairview high school student

“My favorite thing about Video Lab is that I get to learn new things like how to film and edit and make movies and get to learn about science at the same time. I hope scientist will see that we youth care about the earth and that we are willing to take time from our day to make videos to share with people so they can understand and change.”

Fairview high school student

“My favorite thing about Video Lab is filming. I like to be able to go out and capture other people’s perspectives. I’ve learned a lot about the environment, especially how serious climate change is, which has made me reflect about the future of my family. This class has also helped me to understand the importance of college education, and I think this class prepares me for college.”

Noah Finkelstein, Professor Physics Department, CU Boulder

“Marina and her team have built a thriving organization that provides excellent resources for children, families and communities. Their work is excellent and necessary. I and my students benefit tremendously from partnering with CLACE.”

Kristine K. Johnson, Noyce Fellow, CU Boulder

“CLACE has developed an unusual and innovative model for reaching students and building community by bringing together cultural and linguistic role models, scientists, and educators. Kids have opportunities for exploring real scientific inquiry in environments which embrace and support them. The team has amazing energy and has developed an incredible network within a short time. I have enjoyed and grown from every minute of my involvement in CLACE.”

Kristin Wegner, Science and Education Team, The GLOBE Program

“CLACE is a powerful program. Students demonstrate their learning of science concepts by using their voice to create videos that are relevant to their lives. Because the students are encouraged to engage each other and educational material in both English and Spanish, the students incorporate their entire selves in the learning process. The GLOBE Program staff have worked with the middle and high school students as they develop Weather vs. Climate analogies, which gives us new approaches to communicating these concepts with our international science education program. We are learning from the students as much as they are learning from us!”

Dr. Sarah Tessendorf, Science and Education Team, The GLOBE Program

“Making science relevant to a student is key for their long-term learning of science. The CLACE lesson plans and video labs aim to tie science concepts into the everyday lives and cultures of the students. The program also connects art and science to allow students to learn in a creative and fun atmosphere, while also teaching to many learning styles. I view this program as a leader in how to excite and educate diverse audiences about science.”

Emilie Kintner, Curator of Education, Boulder History Museum

“CLACE and all your facilitators are providing such a valuable resource to the community, and have changed the face of informal STEM education in Boulder!”

Leha Warner

“Marina’s vision is truly contagious, she is capable of moving mountains. The CLACE facilitators are open and eager to develop and apply new teaching approaches that benefit their students.”

Erin Smar, Boulder Journey School teacher

“The passion and dedication the CLACE professionals hold is an inspiration. Most who are working with the children have little experience with teaching but have spent so much time reflecting on their experiences to enhance the program. With Marina’s wisdom, passion, guidance and vision this program is sure to enrich the lives of so many children. It was an honor to be a part of this program.”

Margi, CLACE’s Co-Director and Middle Schools Video Lab Director

“In a very short time I have witnessed tremendous growth in our students’ video skills, climate knowledge and pride in their work. They can now communicate confidently with their peers, scientists and the world through their videos on topics surrounding climate change. The opportunities to go on field trips, interact with scientists and develop mentoring relationships with other latinos enrich their STEM education, inspiring students to consider science careers and pursue higher education. Science Video Labs create a sense of community that supports students’ achievements in their academic classes and beyond.”

Barry Kluger-Bell, Inquiry Science Educator

“Children are naturally born explorers of the world. CLACE embeds this exploration in a scientific and cultural context that opens up science to all children.”

Sara Torres, CLACE Facilitator

“Since I graduated from Colorado University at Boulder with a Bachelor on Environmental Studies I was looking for ways of enhancing the relationship of people and the environment. In this search I found CLACE, and joined the facilitator’s team who not only teach science but they also bring back the curiosity about our environment. Through my experience with CLACE I found how enriching it is to approach education from a culturally responsive stance and through inquiry both of CLACE’s main educational approaches.

Previously, I worked for the Zoológico de Cali as an educator and I now move on to continue the teaching adventure with a different community. My time with CLACE was an incredible experience of learning and growing. I will miss it.”

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