Diversity Inclusiveness & Cultural Appropriateness

Students and faculty in American schools and universities are becoming increasingly varied in their backgrounds and experiences, reflecting the diversity witnessed in our broader society. 

Our professional development team is committed to the highest standards of professional learning grounded in research to support diversity , particularly as it intersects with the wide range of teaching and learning contexts that occur across multicultural and diverse practices. With topics ranging from inquiry, inclusiveness, college student collaborations, lesson planning around the Common Core State Standards, our team in committed to making a difference!

Train the trainer:

We believe that informal education programs should be bilingual programs facilitated by bilingual and bicultural (or multicultural) individuals. We train Latin American college graduate professionals (facilitators) who aside of being role models, are able to assist students in a bilingual manner as they work together towards achieving lesson plans goals and group goals. Our trained facilitators remain alert to their group’s dynamics and encourage challenging reflection while maintaining respect and safety within the group while making sure that everyone’s contributions are considered valuable.

Our facilitators receive vast Professional Development training sessions on Inquiry through Dr. Barry KLuger-Bell; they learn that in order to effectively motivate and continually engage our diverse students they must:

  • use open-ended questions
  • ask for specifics and examples
  • paraphrase and summarize
  • acknowledge contributions
  • redirect questions to group
  • be creative
  • encourage students to take some risks by posing provocative questions
  • provide bilingual word walls that convey key words and concepts
  • highlight cultural experiences relevant to the topic being explored

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