Partners & Collaborators


NIH - National Institutes of Health

In partnership with he National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL) at the Space Science Institute (SSI), the Colorado Clinical and Translational Studies Institute (CTSCI), and Colorado Area Health Education Centers (AHECs), CLACE will develop “Discover Health/Descubre la Salud (DH/DS)”. The bilingual (English/Spanish) project will include an interactive library exhibit supported by media and community education resources to engage underserved communities in learning about their cardiovascular and digestive systems, and how to keep them healthy.

This 5 year project (2015-2019) project will target underserved communities, including rural and Latino communities, working through libraries and community institutions. The project will use a strategic combination of bilingual, interactive exhibits presented at libraries and community health fairs and festivals, career events, family nights, science camps, and mini-med schools, to engage students, families, and adults in these important health issues. CEO Marina La Grave will serve as  Media & Public Engagement, Multicultural Consultant and Translator.

Partners: NSF, SciGirls, CU Boulder, PBS

UnknownThis 3 year project (June 2016 – May 2019) will develop a Spanish-language Latina SciGirls initiative in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television, XSci at CU-Boulder, and other national partners. Overall Project goals include: (1) Address specific barriers to STEM engagement of Hispanic girls ages 8-13 and their families; (2) Promote positive STEM identity development: (3) produce Spanish-language SciGirls television program and role model profiles; (4) Create educational outreach activities using role models (live and video-based). Overall Objectives include: (1) Produce six half-hour episodes of Latina SciGirls, filmed in Spanish, showing groups of girls and their Latina mentors; (2) Create a series of family and girl-friendly role model video profiles of Latinas in STEM fields; (3) Provide programming at 16 geographically and ethnically diverse Latino-serving SciGirls outreach organizations nationwide; (4) Conduct a research study of girls’ STEM identity development and evaluate the project’s impact.   Marina LaGrave will participate in XSci’s fulfillment of objective 4.



NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) is primary funder and collaborator of Nuestra Tierra Dinamica. NICE a competitive project to promotes climate and Earth system science literacy and seeks to increase the access of underrepresented minority groups to science careers and educational opportunities. Since 2008, NICE has funded 71 education projects across the country that leverage NASA’s unique contributions in climate science, including Earth observation data and Earth system models, to reach teachers and students. Through these efforts, the portfolio of NICE projects advances our understanding of how to effectively teach global climate change concepts, increase public climate literacy, and contribute to the development of a diverse future workforce in climate-related sciences.

Nuestra Tierra Dinamica’s Green Labs and Video Labs programs developed under NICE funding, contain distinctive tri-logo in order to highlight the wonderful collaboration between NICE, (who has fully funded this project) – CLACE (responsible in developing, managing, executing and evaluating the project) and OpEPA, (who has served as non profit and financial agent in charge of receiving and later transferring NICE funding to CLACE so that CLACE can execute this ambitious project. (2011-2014)

 images“VIVE VERDE” MEDIA INITIATIVE, Univision Colorado

The Latin American Center for Arts, Science and Education (CLACE) and its partnership with UNIVISION Colorado and Boulder County on the proposal of a media initiative series with Univision to help Coloradans getting involved in the learning about the earth sciences includes the development of materials in a bilingual (English and Spanish) manner and broadcast segments will be delivered in Spanish. The first unit is planned to encompass the topic of energy, including traditional and renewable sources as well as energy efficiency efforts in Boulder County and the City of Denver.

This project is intended to benefit Latino students and their families throughout Colorado, and it is based on the assumption that many times they are underrepresented and economically challenged to pursue higher education.  After the implementation of the first unit, the goal of CLACE will be to be able to cover other topics, and to disseminate this program nationally to those states where Univision is present. (2014-on going)

UnknownEnergySmart PLUS

CLACE CEO Marina LaGrave is Multicultural Outreach consultant responsible for supporting Boulder County’s office of Sustainability “EnergySmart” program.

EnergySmart helps homes and businesses in all Boulder County communities become more comfortable and energy efficient. EnergySmart is designed to stimulate local economic growth, increase energy efficiency investment in Boulder County and advance the state’s energy independence through energy upgrades. EnergySmart is a collaborative partnership with Boulder County, the City of Boulder, the City of Longmont and the local utilities, Xcel Energy and Platte River Power Authority. It is funded by Boulder County, the City of Boulder Climate Action Plan (CAP) tax and the City of Longmont. Residential services are administered by Populus. (2014-ongoin)

LASP and CLACE have partnered with and LASP (Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Science) and together are responsible for bringing culturally appropriate NASA MAVEN (mission to Mars) educational materials to teachers around the Nation and the community at large.(2012-ongoin)
LASP_maven_01CLACE will support NASA/ MAVEN. The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) mission by providing culturally responsive teaching training and materials. MAVEN is part of NASA’s Mars Scout program, funded by NASA Headquarters. Set to launch in 2013, the mission will explore the Red Planet’s upper atmosphere, ionosphere and interactions with the sun and solar wind.(2011-2016)
boulder-housing-partnersCLACE’s Community partner Boulder Housing Partners. BHP’s goal is to make living in Boulder possible and affordable, regardless of your income. They have entrusted CLACE to develop, manage and impact their valuable residents and over 1500 Latino families in Boulder County at their Community Learning Center, Red Oak Park.
CLACE, NCAR/UCAR have been ongoing collaborators for many years. CLACE was recently awarded NCAR’s Diversity Grant to support Latino Video Lab Students.The UCAR/NCAR mission is to support, enhance, and extend the capabilities of the university community, nationally and internationally; to understand the behavior of the atmosphere and related systems and the global environment; and to foster the transfer of knowledge and technology for the betterment of life on earth.
CLACE’s CEO was formerly SPARK- NCAR/UCAR Educational and Outreach Coordinator and Chief Translator. CLACE has maintained an ongoing collaboration that supports CLACE’s students and Latino community at large.SPARK has provided funding and support during community events as well as during NCAR’s Super Science Saturday were CLACE has been present since 2010.The atmospheric and related sciences are increasingly relevant to our prosperity, security, and sustainability as a nation and as part of the global community. Spark at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) helps to connect the advances and innovations developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the UCAR Member Universities to the needs and priorities of a diverse people by helping them to learn, understand, and apply these advances and innovations.
CLACE’s CEO has been Executive Board Member of BASEC since its inception. The mission of the Boulder Area STEM Education Center is to facilitate communication and collaboration among businesses, government, education, community groups, and the media.CLACE and BASEC annually participate in Boulder’s Creek Festival.
CLACE’s CEO is a regular Science Consultant for Univisión UNIVISION Colorado Colorado and frequently appears on the evening news by providing and facilitating relevant climate and weather content to their monthly news centered around service to the community.Univision’s mission is to raise the quality of life of Latinos. We count on a team of professional who work intensely on news which directly affects our viewers.
CLACE and CU Science Discovery have been ongoing partners since 2010. At present, CLACE supports CU Science Discovery with Teens Cafe.CU Science Discovery is a science education outreach program of the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Division of Continuing Education. Founded in 1983 to heighten young students’ interest in science, CU Science Discovery coordinates an array of programs that connect K-12 students and teachers to current CU science research. Each program utilizes CU scientific expertise, equipment, resources and graduate or undergraduate students in order to provide K-12 students and teachers with unique, hands-on science experiences.CU SD was the “Energy Green Lab” Stakeholder in Year 1 of the Nuestra Tierra Dinámica grant and have also led health education afterschool sessions at Red Oak Park.
CLACE and PISEC Jila are ongoing collaborators at Red Oak Park Community Learning Center. The JILA Physics Frontier Center Partnerships for Informal Science Education in the Community (PISEC) Program at CU Boulder provides weekly experiences to ROP students. Its mission is to provide opportunities for university students (undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs) to teach inquiry-based science activities to K-12 populations that are underrepresented in science, including girls, Hispanic and African American students, and economically disadvantaged youth.PISEC leads an informal after school weekly session at Red Oak Park in collaboration with CLACE.
CLACE’s partner, The Globe Program was the “Air Green Lab” Stakeholder in Year 1 of the NTD grant and currently continues to collaborate CLACE by reviewing our student’s  video scrips. GLOBE has also certified many of CLACE’s team members as “GLOBE teachers”. With support of GLOBE Program (NCAR), CLACE will be installing 3 Weather Stations at 3 local schools and will train students data to collect data. This will be monitored directly by CLACE’s team and science teachers.
image001 CLACE was fully funded and supported by BVSD in 2010, the first year of our organization ands debut as a grassroots Organization.The mission of the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) is to graduate students in the 21st Century who have the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that will make this world a safer, more thoughtful and more inclusive place in which to live.CLACE has been working with BVSD since 2010, first through the Early Release Program and now with the Nuestra Tierra Dinámica project.
imgres-1CLACE and Open Space and Mountain Parks OSPM maintain a long track record of collaboration since 2008. Together with their bilingual interpreters, CLACE has been able to bring informal environmental education to the Latino Community.The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) department preserves and protects the natural environment and land resources which characterize Boulder. We foster appreciation and use that sustain the natural values of the land for current future generations. Over 43,000 acres have been preserved which include wildlife habitats, unique geologic features and greenways. OSMP provides maintenance of 130 miles of trails which are open to a variety of passive recreation uses for visitors, including hikers, bicyclists, equestrians and dog walkers.
imagesCLACE and Fiske Planetarium Fiske Planetarium have been collaborating for over 3 years. CU Fiske is located on the beautiful main campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder.Fiske will be closed until the Fall of 2013 since its has begun a transformation into one of the most sophisticated planetariums and multimedia centers in the country. When the new immersive theater system is complete, Fiske’s dome will show the universe with unrivaled level of detail and inspiring beauty.  A new star projector will show as stunning a sky as you could see high in the Rocky Mountains.  Video projectors will fill the dome with 360 degrees of surround video and sound.  Subjects will include astronomy, travel videos, art, music creations, and more.  We plan to open Fiske to the community on Saturdays and Sundays. “Big screen” video will be in Boulder, not just Denver anymore.

Columbine Elementary at Boulder

pastedGraphic-1CLACE’s great partner. Together with its Principal, Mrs. Medina, has been impacting over 100 students annually since 2010 through CLACE’s unique programing. When CLACE was founded, it was Principal Medina who believed and propelled CLACE to its next phase. On year one, Principal Medina helped CLACE’s CEO secure BVSD funding. Within its first year, CLACE’s clear vision allowed for CLAE to received funding from NASA NICE. Since then, CLACE has been able to continue to develop timely programing and bring NTD Climate Change programing to this amazing school and community.Columbine’s vision is to provide a bilingual learning community that nurtures academic excellence for all students and encourages each of them to achieve their full potential as emerging responsible citizens with the strength of character to take on the challenges of the 21st century.Columbine is the hub for the Nuestra Tierra Dinámica K-5 programming. Principal Medina has worked with CLACE since 2010 and continues strengthening our collaboration

University Hill Elementary School, Boulder, Colorado

Screen Shot University Hill Elementary Schools offers a research-based Dual Language Program (English and Spanish) for preschool through 5th grade. We are proud to have one of the most diverse student and staff populations in the Boulder Valley School District. Social justice, respect and understanding are cornerstones of our school community. Since opening our doors in January of 1906, our location across from the University of Colorado has provided us access to many wonderful educational resources.

Fairview High School

logoCLACE and Fairview High School have been impacting up to 20 Latino students through NTD’s unique Video Lab programing. After having received funding from NASA and NCAR, CLACE has been able to continue to greatly impact and transform Fairview’s Video Lab students.Fairview High School, a comprehensive four-year public high school in the Boulder Valley School District established in 1960, is located in a scholarly community of 100,000 dedicated to education, technology, the arts and recreation. It is known statewide for its expert faculty and exceptional student body.

Justice High School

CLACE impacts JHS students year round through its Video Lab and under Colorado Department of Education Community Funding.The mission of Justice High School is to provide year round college prep education for all enrolled Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley students.  Justice High School’s curriculum and program design is ideal for at risk youth who are disconnected from the traditional school system because of juvenile delinquency, drugs and alcohol, alienation, or other factors.  Justice High provides its students with a structured academic setting with high expectations.  Justice High’s philosophy is that these ‘at risk’ youth can become successful if given an opportunity and a structured environment.

Westview Middle School

bannerCLACE impacts WMS students  through its Video Lab and under St. Vrain Valley Funding.Westview Middle School’s mission is to equip every student with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be competent learners.

Manhattan Middle School

colombine CLACE impacts WMS students  through its Video Lab and under St. NASA NICE NTD Funding.Manhattan Middle School is an academic arts focus and neighborhood public school for grades 6 – 8 in the Boulder Valley School District. Our challenging academic program covers the BVSD middle school curriculum plus an arts focus program. The arts focus program, which students may choose to be a part of, is modeled after the Getty Arts curriculum.

New Vista High School

nvhsCLACE and New Vista High School, in the Boulder Valley School District, collaborate annually. Their ESL students join for three days during the school year and support our programming with Elementary school students.NVHS provides rigorous learning in a supportive culture. The school is designed to cultivate the unique talents, gifts, and interests of students who are ready to be more responsible for their own learning. We give students real choices in the program they take and the work they do in classes. In exchange, we require that all students do high quality work and earn a grade of A or B in core classes.

University of Colorado Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 2.24.50 PMThe University of Colorado Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program has made it possible for CLACE to be able to work with two amazing Noyce Fellows who have greatly contributed and continue to impact the development of our NTD programing.The University of Colorado Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program strives to address the need for excellent educators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The program offers support to prospective teachers in the form of a generous scholarship, collaborative education research opportunities with university faculty, professional development and networking with past and present Scholars.In exchange for this support, Noyce Scholars agree to work on a Noyce project of their choosing, participate in regular meetings, and upon graduation, work in a high-need school district for two years for each year they receive the scholarship.

Boulder Journey School

Boulder County 4H
4-H began a century ago as an educational program for the nation’s rural youth. Today, 4-H meets the needs of and engages young people in positive youth development experiences. These experiences are based on the idea that young people should be regarded as resources to be developed. 2002 marked the centennial of 4-H and a renewed commitment to helping shape youth and communities. In looking to the next century, 4-H further develops its programs and continues its motto of “Making the Best Better.”

Keep it Clean

The Keep It Clean Partners are a group of communities located along the Colorado Front Range dedicated to protecting water quality and reducing storm-water pollution.


Eco-cycle is one of the largest non-profit recyclers in the USA and has an international reputation as a pioneer and innovator in resource conservation.Eco-cycle was the “Waste Green Lab” Stakeholder in Year 1 of the NTD grant.

CU Museum of Natural History

The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History is an academic unit of the Graduate School at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a mission to contribute to knowledge of the natural world and the humanities through research, teaching, and public education.CU MNH was the “Communicating Science Green Lab” Stakeholder in Year 1 of the Nuestra Tierra Dinámica grant. Today CU MNH closely works with CLACE to promote High School student visits to campus as well as invite families to enjoy the facilities.

School Food Project

School Food Project believe that all children of Boulder Valley School District will have daily access to fresh flavorful and nutritious food made with wholesome and when possible, local ingredients, so that every child may thrive.BVSD SFP was the “Health Green Lab” Stakeholder in Year 1 of the Nuestra Tierra Dinámica grant.

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

CLACE and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers are ongoing collaborators at Red Oak Park Community Learning Centers. WRV  is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity for people to come together, learn about their natural environment, and take direct action to restore and care for the land.

Cool Girls

CLACE and Cool Girls Science and Art Club helps elementary school are ongoing collaborators at Red Oak Park Community Learning Centers.Cool Girls develop children’s passion for the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Girls-only groups meet after school and go on field trips (families welcome!).Cool Girls offered a summer camp at Red Oak Park and is currently leading a Saturday session (9:30-11:00am) at the same location.

Ideal Market

CLACE has been greatly supported by Whole Foods during  its community events since 2011. In support of the Latino community, Ideal Market has generously supported CLACE’s community events with nutritious and wholesome foods and beverages.Although they are a Whole Foods Market, everybody knows us as Ideal Market. We are proud to keep the same name on our storefront for the last 73 years.Ideal


PastedGraphic-3CLACE and The SNAP-Ed  are ongoing collaborators at Red Oak Park Community Learning Centers.SNAP-Ed goal is to improve the likelihood that persons eligible for SNAP will make healthy food choices within a limited budget and choose physically active lifestyles consistent with the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) food guidance.

Solar City

imgresFounded in 2006, SolarCity has made cleaner energy more affordable with over 28,000 customers in 14 states and growing.Solar City has assisted the “Nuestra Tierra Dinámica” students by providing education on the school’s solar panes.


Teens4Oceans’ mission is to empower our next generation to become impassioned stewards for their oceans through education, experiential learning, scientific research, and innovative technologies.

Western Disposal

indexWestern Disposal is a locally-owned, locally managed and locally invested hauling business that serves Boulder and Broomfield Counties by collecting various materials and transporting them to either a place where the materials will be processed to be used again or to a landfill.


This amazing organizations and its members have greatly contributed and impacted CLACE’s ROP communiyt.HOLA’s mission is to provide integrated and sustainable health care solutions to developing countries in Latin America through the establishment of acute care clinics and promotion of community health improvement by means of veterinary care and public health education.





OpEPA is CLACE’s non-profit financial agent partner for “Nuestra Tierra Dinámica: Global Climate Change Education Fostering Environmental Stewardship funded by NICE.


ARCADIS is an international company providing consultancy, design, engineering and management services in the fields of infrastructure, water, environment and buildings. We aim to enhance mobility, sustainability and quality of life by creating balance in the built and natural environment.

Boulder Public Library

The mission of the Boulder Public Library is to enhance the personal and professional growth of Boulder residents and contribute to the development and sustainability of an engaged community through free access to ideas, information, cultural experiences and educational opportunities.BPL supported CLACE in community events such as Día de la Tierra in April 2012.

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