Cross-Cultural Team


Our team of amazing professionals bring vast and unique skills to CLACE’s mission. Together, we develop, implement and manage timely programing that focuses its attention on the instructional and learning needs of students who represent a cultural and linguistic minority in the Nation.

We also serve as Media Consultants, Public Engagement experts, provide Multicultural training/workshops and offer Translation services.

Marina La Grave, Founder and CEO

1930326_10156621402175019_4051626755555230163_nMarina is CLACE’s Founder and Executive Director. Marina has been PI and Project Manager for NASA ESTEEM (Earth Systems, Technology and Energy Education for MUREP Minority University Research and Education Program) (Formerly NICE, NASA Innovations in Climate Education) NTD program.

She is currently a team member and Consultant for the following National and efforts: NASA’s MAVEN mission; the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Discover Health/Decubre tu Salud, this program directed by the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus,  Boulder County EnerySmart program,  Denver Museum of Nature and Science “The Genetics of Taste Lab”,  Thorne Nature Center and the National Science Foundation (NSF) SciGirls.

Through CLACE, Ms. La Grave and her team are able to support many programs and other organizations as Media and Public Engagemnet Consultant, Research Specialists, Multicultural specialist and Media Translator.

As a Multicultural Consultant and National Research Associate she supports STEM and environmental agencies and stakeholders develop and integrate scientifically and pedagogically sound culturally -and bilingual- relevant dimension for national partners and government ah=gencies to be able to meet the demands and needs of local and national Latino students -and communities. She also provides  professional development workshops for educators through presentations that encompass the topics of cultural competence, nontraditional students challenges, student retention and achievement, self-efficacy, cultural responsiveness and sheltered English instruction strategies. 

Her long term position as Multicultural Education and Outreach Coordinator and Chief Translator for the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR/UCAR) and 4 year tenure at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) as committee member of the Public Information Committee,  were she was instrumental in helping the union bring its first joint assembly abroad (Mexico), prove her expertise in reaching  Latino audiences both in the US and in Latin America.

Because of her team results-oriented expertise, important governmental agencies as AGU, NASA, NCAR, the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the Space Science Institute (SSI), INSTAAR, BVSD, SVVSD, CDE, the City of Boulder, Boulder County, Univision Colorado, Mexican Government, Boulder Housing Partners -just to name a few- have entrusted, and continue to entrust her to develop and support timely programming and translation services to help  bring unique information and educational experiences to Latino audiences.

Ms. La Grave’s background derives from being a Multicultural Education expert and UN certified Language Specialist (Interpreter and Translator) and Multicultural Consultant with over 25 years of experience. She has been responsible for translating thousands of pages for science journals, reports, books,  presentations, websites for NASA, National Labs, authors, scientists, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Reports and most recently, the Third National Climate Change Assessment Report -NCA3.)

Ms. La Grave is also very devoted to the community, as such, she has been a  Victim Advocate for the Boulder Police Department since 2003. In this role, she was awarded the “Chief Commendation Award” in 2016 for her work serving Boulder County Victims. She also received the University of Colorado Boulder  “Women who make a Difference Award” in June 2015.

Marina is also an executive board member for the Boulder Area STEM Education Coalition (BASEC),  Thorne Nature Experience,  and Defense Awareness Responsive Training (DART) and is a member of the Advisory Committee for DMNS in Denver.

She has been National Keynote Speaker for Green Schools National Conference (Palm Beach, Florida. Feb. 2013),  COSA (Colorado Open Space Alliance) (Sep. 2013) and NOAA, Hispanic Heritage Month.

She lives in Boulder very close to her two children– who have proudly made her the ”Mimi” of her 5 amazing grandchildren!

Dr. Barry Kruger Bell, Associate Scientist and Science Curriculum Director

Barry KrugerDr. Barry Kluger-Bell is CLACE’s associate scientist and inquiry science educator. As aconsultant, he works with educators throughout the country in K-12 teacher professional development, science graduate student education training, informal science education, preschool science education and science curriculum development. From 1988-2009 he served as the Assistant Director for Science at the Exploratorium’s Institute for Inquiry in San Francisco. At the Institute for Inquiry he provided professional development for teachers and other educators, wrote professional development curriculum, and created professional development in inquiry education for graduate student scientists. In the course of his career, he has also directed the Bay Area Science Project at the Lawrence Hall of Science, taught Physics and Math at Chabot Community College in California, and directed a program for incoming minority and economically underprivileged students and the University of California at Berkeley. Over this span, he co-directed or served as co-PI on projects entailing millions of dollars of grants. In 1970, Barry earned an A.B. degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1978, he earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Colorado in Boulder. In this project, Kluger-Bell serves as Inquiry Science Education Lead and directs curriculum development and implementation.

 Dr. Maribel Pallanez Murrieta - Environmental Educator

Ph-D Maribel Pallanez Murrieta is a native of Sonora, Mexico. She is a professor of Ecology at the State University of Sonora. She has 15 years of experience applying Nature Conservation Management tools, mainly in the rural areas of her country. She is an expert on environmental education issues, economic valuations of environmental services, political ecology, analysis of socio-environmental conflicts and ecological planning programs of the Territory. He is convinced that the success of humans start from their connection with nature and that our mission is to be and live as agents of change. Maribel also has experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of university educational models, she has been director of the Center for Environmental Development – CESUES and has led different programs within the University. She currently coordinates a group of young people with whom she performs environmental education both intra- and extra-university. Maribel is currently collaborating with CLACE to co-create STEM and multicultural and bilingual environmental education programs to best impact and empower students and both Sonora, Mexico and Boulder, Colorado.

Florence Bocquet, Associate STEM educator


Florence has more than 12 years of exposure to the STEM discipline of earth sciences, including geology, meteorology, oceanography and glaciology. She holds a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. degree in atmospheric sciences. She then pursued post-doctoral work studying atmospheric turbulence in the lower planetary boundary layer. She has a deep passion for the earth and life sciences.

Florence has also 4 years of expertise in a leadership role. She was the managing directorfor the Center for Research and Education in Wind (CREW), a consortium of six Colorado institutions (CU-Boulder, CSM, CSU, NOAA, NCAR and NREL), which primary goal is to lead cutting-edge research and education in the competitive field of wind energy.

Since 2014, Florence is an academic science tutor for the Boulder Valley School district (BVSD), providing support to the Native American student community of BVSD schools.

Florence has a strong interest in science education and science education research, and enjoys finding new ways to improve the learning experience in the STEM fields and classrooms. Florence participated in many educational projects, one of which was the “Classroom Observation Project: Understanding and Improving our Teaching” where college-level geoscience classrooms were observed using the Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP) standards. Florence is thus an RTOP-certified class observer.

Florence is native from France and loves to travel.

Robert L. Russell, PhD Consultant

Rob RussellDr. Robert L. Russell (Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, Cornell) brings over 30 years of experience in STEM education, spanning children’s museums, science centers, community organizations, and media. His experience includes project design, development, and management; evaluation of exhibit, community/youth, and media projects; private foundation and government grant development; and conduct of professional development workshops in project planning, evaluation, and grant development. Bob’s unique strengths include his experience in designing and evaluating projects targeting underserved minorities, including Hispanics and African-Americans; designing health education projects; using social marketing approaches in science and health education; and designing media-focused projects, including print media, radio, television, and large format films. Bob has taught psychology at Cornell and Georgetown Universities and has published widely on informal science education and has published peer-reviewed research on social networks, cross-cultural psychology, and cognitive development.

Currently, Bob directs a national Spanish-language science news service; is building a national Latino STEM education network, based on the NSF-funded Expanding Informal Science for Latinos conference; and is serving as an evaluator or consultant on a number of informal STEM education projects. He is leading the development of several initiatives to expand the involvement of Latinos in environmental education, STEM careers, and science media.

Juan Ignacio Stewart, Digital Arts and Video Lab Director

Juan StewartJuan Ignacio Stewart is a native from Guatemala, Antigua. He is director, cinematographer, and bilingual and bicultural educator based in Boulder, Colorado. Passionate and committed to issues of social justice, equity and equality, Juan sees film as a powerful tool for change and is dedicated to passing on the knowledge to youth so they can express themselves, creating meaningful work that will eventually transform society nationally and globally.

His work as a filmmaker varies from documenting the profound inequalities in public education, to the day to day lives of immigrants and local non-profits, to environmental education, fashion and hip hop culture. He has worked internationally in Sierra Leone and Guatemala.

As an educator, Juan understands the multiple and complex ways in which youth live and create, and he constantly looks to expand his knowledge so he can serve as a valuable mentor and guide.
Juan earned his BFA in Film Studies and a BA in International Affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Valeria Narro, Graphic Designer, Director

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-20 a las 19.11.21

Valeria Narro is a native from Mexico.  She graduated from Industrial design at Universidad Iberoamericana. The majority of her inspiration comes from her Mexican heritage and all its richness. To Valeria being a designer implies taking advantage of the beauty of the world to create something that has impact.Valeria has been lead designer for many projects.

-       Design Intern at Tupperware Brands

-       Freelance Designer

-       Fulfilling Manager and at Transit Designs

-       Design Manager at Las Pudencianas Vineyard

Project Participation

-       Member of the Education of North and Central Florida Committee

-       Microsoft Design Expo 2010 (Winning Team)

-       Social Service: Eduquémonos con México – Organization focused on the academic support and personal development of children and teenagers of low income families, in order to avoid the school drop outs and help in Mexico´s development.

Douglas F. Haller, Associate STEM Educator

doug_2Douglas F. Haller, Ed. M., has over 20 years of experience in K-12 STEM.  He combines practical classroom experience with understandings of best practices in learning and instruction from work in education research.  Since leaving the classroom, Doug has consulted on the design, development, and evaluation of numerous award-winning and niche STEM education products and programs.  Clients include government organizations like NASA and NIH and major education publishers.  Doug specializes in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives to create or expand product lines and programs, curriculum design, and teacher professional development.  In addition, he writes and edits for STEM education online magazines.  Doug holds a Master of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in geology from The Colorado College.  Specifically to CLACE, he looks forward to applying his Spanish language skills and experience of Latino culture gained while studying geology in Costa Rica and Chile.




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