MAYAN COMPUTER Game Developed by CLACE team!

CLACE team (Dr. Barry Kluger-Bell and Marina La Grave) developed a unique Engaging Latino Students in Science workshop for NASA MAVEN’s mission that has been brought to teachers in Berkeley area with great success! During this half day workshop at this prestigious University we were able to share our MAYAN COMPUTER card game.

The Mayans developed a sophisticated mathematical system to help with their astronomical observations and calculations and their calendar. Our MAYAN COMPUTER game connects students and families of Central American origins to their Mayan heritage.

Once again, CLACE demonstrates that by connecting cultural dots, we can effectively bring diverse students back to being proud of being descendants from very amazing line of scientists that greatly contributed to science and continue to do so even today!

We also shared with our teachers a wonderful resource translated by LaGrave, “The Universe of our Elders” this book is a proven fact that when the scientific community reaches out and honors local indigenous communities as the one in the  Atacama Dessert that houses ALMA, many great things can happen! 


April 2013
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