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MAYAN COMPUTER Game Developed by CLACE team!

CLACE team (Dr. Barry Kluger-Bell and Marina La Grave) developed a unique Engaging Latino Students in Science workshop for NASA MAVEN’s mission that has been brought to teachers in Berkeley area with great success! During this half day workshop at this prestigious University we were able to share our MAYAN COMPUTER card game.

The Mayans developed a sophisticated mathematical system to help with their astronomical observations and calculations and their calendar. Our MAYAN COMPUTER game connects students and families of Central American origins to their Mayan heritage.

Once again, CLACE demonstrates that by connecting cultural dots, we can effectively bring diverse students back to being proud of being descendants from very amazing line of scientists that greatly contributed to science and continue to do so even today!

We also shared with our teachers a wonderful resource translated by LaGrave, “The Universe of our Elders” this book is a proven fact that when the scientific community reaches out and honors local indigenous communities as the one in the  Atacama Dessert that houses ALMA, many great things can happen! 


April 2013

A change of scenery, Cal-Wood, a NICE place!

399662_532275273491108_179437817_nA change of scenery, and time in nature, undoubtedly help students connect with Nature and each other. This amazing two-day retreat has continued to allow us to foster strong relationships and create a shared sense of community values and memories among our students!

Our NASA NICE grant allowed us to be able to bring Video Lab students from Fairview High School and Manhattan Middle school to this adventure, where they spent a weekend in Cal-Wood Education Center as part of a fina

l school year celebration and NTD program!

This retreat was carefully designed for our students to gain invaluable personal knowledge and outdoor experiences in order to allow them to bond together as a class, make fund and wonderful memories together.

Univision Colorado was up there as well!  Univision Evening News Director Ana Melgar, and Meteorologist Gaston Heredia. They interviewed our students -and other students from Boulder High School who happened to be there for a weekend retreat (what great coincidence) with Assistant Principal Francis Schneeweiss.

The topic of discussion? What do you know about Climate Change? Is it true? Why are you up in the mountains on a Saturday? Doing what and why?

Our high school students participated in a role as chaperones or help with the program.

Leading this experience where CLACE’s CEO Marina La Grave, High School Video Lab Director Juan Stewart, Middle School Video Lab Director Margi Dashevsky, ESL teacher

David Stewart, and Cal-Wood Director, Rafael Salgado and CLACE’s CFO Umberto Filesari (who carried cameras and other equipment up the hill!)

Stay tuned for more pictures later this week!




Thank you Cal-Wood, Univision Colorado, Margi, Juan and David for making this a unique, unforgettable and wonderful experience to all!

April 2013

May 3 Celebration!

May 3 Poster

NASA-CLACE-OPEPA’s Nuestra Tierra Dinámica

End Program Celebration @ CU Boulder Atlas Building

Friday May 3rd.

4:00 to 8:00 pm.


4:00-5:00 pm CU’s Museum of Natural History Fun!

5:00-7:30 pm CU’s Atlas Building Celebration with scientists & CU faculty, student’s videos, special guests and much more!

7:30-8:00 pm Star Gazing Party with CU Planetarium & Fire Department Fire Fighters & Fire truck!

CU Buff Bus leaves Columbine Elementary at 3:45pm.

UNIVISION Colorado will be covering the event!


Celebración Final @ CU Boulder Atlas

Viernes 3 de Mayo

4:00 a 8:00 pm.


4:00-5:00pm Diversión en el Museo de Ciencias de CU!

5:00-7:30pm Celebración en el edificio CUAtlas con cieníficos y facultad de CU Boulder, Videos de alumnos, invitados especiales y mucho más!

7:30-8:00 pm Noche estelar con telescopios del Planetario de CU Planetarium & el Departamento de Bomberos, bomberos y camión de bomberos

El autobús de CU Buff sale de Columbine a las 3:45pm.

¡UNIVISION Colorado cubrirá el evento!

April 2013

Café Científico para adolescentes

get_photo.phpCLACE, Casa de la Esperanza y CU Science Discovery tienen el placer de invitarlos a los Café Científico para Adolescentes de Colorado. El Café ofrece oportunidades para conocer e interactuar con científicos locales en un ambiente divertido e informal tanto en Boulder como en Longmont. Únete a nosotros para explorar temas de actualidad científica y disfrutar de rica comida gratis! Los Café Científicos se reúnen mensualmente en Boulder y en Longmont. Ver detalle de nuestros próximos eventos en: Teen Science Cafe (SPANISH) 4-10-2013

Los esperamos!

April 2013

Be amazed!

artworks-000040268175-l19hm7-originalYesterday I went to pick up grand daughters Matilda and Camila from school; as we were walking out of the school, Mati made a sudden stop and let go off my hand as she went off to follow and ant carrying a small leave… all three of us got on our knees and enjoyed this tiny sight for quite sometime! This moment shared led to a great conversation -about insects and their strength -over yogurt ice cream that ended with a commitment to start an ant farm this spring…

What would happen to our world if we took a closer look at our children’s daily “doings”  and offered frequent experiences, became active learners with them and took on having  conversations that lead to reflections on sustainability and deep appreciation for all the resources mother Earth gives us? because……”In the end we will conserve only what we love;  we will love only what we understand;  and we will understand only what we have been taught.” Baba Dioum




April 2013

Week 0: An Introduction


I was born in California so during the summer, I love to visit my sister and my nieces!

Hello! My name is Jenny Aguilera. I am currently a sophomore at Fairview High School and, starting tomorrow, and thanks to CLACE’s efforts and Video Lab program, I’m going to be interning with NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory at the Foothills Laboratory! During this time, I’ll be working with my fellow intern and schoolmate Nancy on creating CLACE’s Video Lab landing page, as well as video on Latino and other diverse scientists working at NCAR and EOL.

Last year, CLACE received NCAR’s Diversity Grant, this grant provided the wonderful and unique opportunity for me and other 14 students to go to the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco as a member of FHS Video Lab. There, I was able to meet many, wonderful scientists and even got to present a poster alongside them. It also has made it possible for me to intern at NCAR.

I am looking forward to interning at NCAR, because I feel like it will give me another chance to see what being a scientist may really be like. I’ve always wanted to work in a science related career, so I’m really looking forward to starting. However, I am also very nervous as this is going to be my first real job.

Overall, I can’t wait to start the internship! This is such a great opportunity and I feel very lucky that I am one of the two interns working at NCAR. While I don’t really know what is in store for me, I look forward to finding out over the course of the next few weeks and writing about it on this blog! Check back next Saturday to see what my first week was like!

-Jenny Aguilera, NCAR EOL Intern, CLACE FHS Video Lab

April 2013