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1GREAT NEWS! Our video Lab student’s videos are now being featured on California Governor Brown’s channel “Climate Changers“.

Visit the following URL below to see the site:

The rest of the videos will be added over the next few weeks! See “Youth Perspectives“.

CONGRATS to our Fairview High School Video Lab amazing students, great job, you are all amazing! We are so very proud of your many accomplishments!



March 2013


chrysalysMarch 20, vernal equinox, Spring begins! It reminds us that life, as we, is always evolving. Seeing the first caterpillar reminded me of the Einstein quote, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” What lays ahead? What is possible? This reflection relates to our organization as we too have gone through meaningful and exciting transformations that we fully embraced and are excited about as we continue to grow.

This internal reflection made me realize that our new Website has been launched just when spring begins, and so this very first blog symbolizes our continued transformation and our solid compromise towards continuing to create a variety of enriching experiences through which emerging interests and relationships can be nurtured,  teamwork and leadership learned, skills tested and perfected, and decision making experienced. These competencies are critical investments in the empowerment of youth, their families and their communities!

Evermore thanks to our funders and partners, schools principals and vice-principals, community advocates, stakeholders, organizations, museums, professors, academia, students, families and each individual committed through CLACE to make all things possible!


March 2013